Inspiring Quotes by Dr Rex al Opusunju-2

Dr Rex

Many people refuse to acknowledge God’s word as an exceptional part of man’s success story on earth. Take out God’s word and all you will have is bad success. Satan will get at you through his deceptive methods and wreck your life!
The success that God gives to you has His word as the foundation. That success is guaranteed and will always stand the test of every satanic onslaught against your life. Glory to God!

Being healthy is God’s idea and not man’s idea. To be healthy means to be free from every trace of sickness and disease. You can live above sickness and disease by God’s power!

Faith is our defense shield from every satanic on-slaught!

When the word of God becomes the atmosphere of our lives, miracles will become common place to us!

You can have peace in the midst of turmoil. Your heart can know rest in the face of unseeming difficulties that confront you. The secret is making the word of God the atmosphere of your life!

Hearing God’s Word consistently will impart your life positively! You will have faith to please God, and overcome the world and experience a steady increase of favor with God and man.

The Knowledge of God is your foundation for divine wisdom. An understanding of God’s word will absolutely convey to you the ability to deal wisely in the affairs of this life.

God’s favor is transmitted or imparted to us through His Word. We grow in God’s divine favor as we grow in the knowledge of God.

Discover and experience the power of the best spot + wrinkle + blemish remover in the world today- God’s Word

Judah was destined by God to be an ancestor of our Lord Jesus Christ and other prominent biblical characters like King David. He did not discern the great destiny God had for his future. He envied his brother Joseph who discerned his destiny through a dream that he will become a ruler. Like Judah and Joseph you too have a great destiny in Christ but you must refuse to get into competition with others.

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