Inspiring Quotes by Dr Rex al Opusunju- 3

Dr Rex

It is impossible for God to fault us as He beholds us in Christ!

Christ has made us sacred in God’s sight!

The Greek word ek-lek-tos is the word “favorite” in English. This word describes our worth in Christ. We are Preferred…we are much loved….we are God’s beloved children, we are God’s darling…we are His elect…we are cherished…we are valued…we are precious…we are His sweetheart because of Jesus!

We have been rescued from God’s Wrath ALREADY! Glory to God.

You might be facing a spiritual challenge right now…or you might be going through an emotional trauma…or it might even be you have a physical challenge with your health. I have good news for you… The Word of God will break-through your very situation!

God’s word does not expire. Its potency is forever!

I am not ashamed of the GOOD MESSAGE of Christ: for it is the Power of God that leads to deliverance, rescue, recovery and escape from anything and everything that is evil…for those who have entrusted their spiritual well being to Christ!

The Just shall live long on earth by their assurance and persuasion of God’s word

The promises of this life…the life we live now and the future life…that which is to come…are ours in Christ!

Our God is a Generous Giver of Every Good and Perfect Gift!

God is un-biased in His Giving!

God is very broad-minded in His thinking and not myopic at all

God will NEVER yell at you or condemn you for asking Him to bless your life with good things…always remember this truth for the rest of your life.

It might seem to us that when we give to God or we give to people, we deplete our resources but we need to see giving in a new light…as an opportunity for us to enlarge ourselves and our resources.

Giving will ALWAYS bring increase to our lives…ALWAYS!

God is Trustworthy !

Refuse to give in to the devil…resist him…defy him…oppose him…do not go along with him…and he will fly

When we make ourselves available, handy and accessible to God, He will in turn make Himself available, handy and accessible to us!

When you are humble, God will put you on a pedestal…and promotion will come to your life!

You have the power in Christ to restrain the devil and pin him down!

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