Inspiring Quotes by Dr Rex al Opusunju- 4

Dr Rex

You are permeated with all the fullness of the God-head!
God has qualified you and made you capable in your calling!

You have the right of entry to approach the heavenly father unrestrained!

God started a good work in your life that He will finish… don’t be discouraged!

Now are we” fire” in the Lord!

A wave of God’s anointing emanates from within us that heats up everywhere and sends the devil running!

You and I are bursting with His Divine presence…stuffed through and through! Glory to God!

God lives in us and He has filled us with His divine presence

Headship or leadership OVER ALL THINGS was given to the Church by the father-God after Christ ascended and sat down at His right hand.

You are set at God’s own right hand together with Christ FAR ABOVE ALL principalities, power, might, dominion, and every name that is mentioned in this world and the world to come

Your true image is reflected on the mirror of God’s word

You are an authentic child of God with His seal of ownership branded upon your life!

Our very existence is to bring praise and admiration to the father-God !

In Christ we are holy and impeccable in GOD’S sight

Our Redemption in Christ is NOT a day dream; In fact it is an absolute Reality!

An understanding of God’s grace will bring peace to your heart!

Love builds up…

When the word of God is spoken in love, increase or growth follows…

God’s love for us is Over-sized and measureless!

God is concerned about what you are going through my friend!

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