Inspiring Quotes by Dr Rex al Opusunju- 5

Dr Rex

Our God is extremely Kind!

Our God is considerate!

Your faith will turn your weakness into Strength!

Its absolutely impossible to gratify, satisfy or give God pleasure without faith!

We thrill God by our Faith!

We can escape untimely death by our faith!

There is a way of escape for you in all your trials and tribulations!

Your words of encouragement will draw men closer to God than criticism or condemnation!

You can be acquitted and discharged from guilt without paying a dime!

Righteousness is not for sale in any market. Its free in the redemption Christ has provided for us by His blood!

Satan is a nonentity!

Satan is a cipher!

The things God has freely given to you are already yours. Apostle paul put it this way…”all things are yours…you are Christ’s and Christ is God’s”.

Do not exert yourself to earn the things God has already given to you freely. Just reach-out and receive them with a heart of gratitude.

You have received…not the spirit of the world but the Spirit which is of God!

Your eyes will see…your ears will hear…and your heart(spirit) will receive in these last days those things God has made ready for us who love Him!

The Holy-Spirit continues to make known to us the things God has prepared or made ready for us who love Him.

The Holy-Spirit was given to us so that we might know the things that are freely given to us by our heavenly Father-God!

God will over-rule every negative situation in your life!

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