Inspiring Quotes by Dr Rex al Opusunju- 6

Dr Rex

God has deposited His best gifts within us so that we can carry out His will on earth!
Jesus is our tranquilizer. In Him we have quietness and stillness!

We have been rescued from this wicked world in line with God’s plan,will and purpose for our lives!

An aspect of Love…goodness which is a fruit of our human spirit gains mastery over evil. It will make you an overcomer in your life’s conflict with the devil.!

All of God’s promises in His word to us are “Yes”. In other words God will not say ” No” to you when you petition Him in prayer based on His promises to us in His word. On your part you have to come into agreement with God by affirming “Amen” which simply means…”so be it or let the word of God be fulfilled in my life Lord” . Glory to God!

Amen is an affirmation that God’s Word should come to pass in our lives. When we say Amen with this understanding we will experience more fulfillment of God’s word in our lives!

We stand in the state of God’s favor and goodness !

Let us soar in the realm of love where faith rules and Jesus is Lord!

When the Father- God forgives our sins, he also puts the memory that we committed those sins out of His mind!

As our High Priest, the Lord Jesus vindicates our cause before the father-God!

You are a Peculiar person and God has bestowed unusual blessings upon you!

Our fellowship with the heavenly father is sustained by Christ’s life for us as our heavenly intercessor!

When we grow in the love of God, we understand God’s divine mysteries fully and clearly!

God’s love within us grows as we understand His love for us!

Christ has entered into the heavenly sanctuary for us…yea… into the very presence of our heavenly father on our behalf as our High Priest!

Jesus Christ’s Single Offering for our sins avails for all times!

Your worth is measured with the life of Jesus Christ!

God’s tender love towards those who confess and forsake their sins is expressed in the meaning of the word mercy in Proverbs 28:13. The Hebrew word is racham, which literally means to fondle. In these expressions we observe that God lovingly reassures those who acknowledge to Him their wrongdoings and sins. He forgives them and assures them that nothing shall separate them from His great love towards them.

When a believer is out of fellowship with the father God through sin, although other believers might disapprove of him, he should remember that he has an advocate in heaven who pleads his cause before the Father God, Jesus the Righteous.

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