Inspiring Quotes by Rex al Opusunju D.D- 1

Dr Rex

Your Words will lead you to Victory

Speak to your situation. Your choice of words over your circumstance can make a difference!
Choose words that will lead you out of defeat to victory! Speak the Word of God Only.

God Is in Control

Inspite of the trials you are going through at this moment… I have goodnews for you: God is for you!
His plans for your life are great plans and can become a reality if you don’t quit. Glory to God!

You are more than a Winner

Its great to know that in Christ we are winners in every fight. However the scriptural perspective is that we have over-whelming victory in every fight through Christ. We are more than Winners!

Words-Life Controlling Forces

Just as bits control the horse and turn it at the will of the horse-rider and the rudder control and steer an Ocean Liner in the direction the pilot chooses, our words can dominate our lives. Your words can take your life to that desired destiny God intends for you. Take charge of your life by speaking the right words! Glory to God!

Praise the Lord

You can praise God inspite of the trials that confront you in life! Praise God in your words;Praise God in a Song…make music to God with all your heart and the joy of the Lord will be your Strength! Glory to God!

Whatsoever you do shall Prosper

When we delight in God’s Word and mutter it to ourselves day and night, we wax strong, push forward and become very great in the good works of our hands. ( Psalms 1:1-3)
Our prosperity comes through meditation, Observation, and Application. ( Joshua 1:8)

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