Inspiring Quotes by Rex al Opusunju D.D – 11

Dr Rex

We enjoy a Father –Child relationship with God in Christ. We can move closer to Him in the simplicity of a child who approaches his earthly father for his basic needs.

When your child ask you for BREAD …you do not give him a stone…do you? If he ask for FISH…you do not give him a snake…do you? The heavenly Father will provide for His own more than any earthly father will do for his children!

Make yourself at home…when you ask the heavenly Father for BREAD and FISH. Do not be scared or feel guilty about asking him for your physical needs…He will meet them anyway…and as well meet your spiritual needs!

Ask God for BREAD and FISH in the same way you ask Him for WISDOM…He will lovingly meet your every need!

When it comes to your material needs and welfare, do not allow any person to make you feel guilty or un-spiritual for asking God to provide for those needs. It is not an act of carnality on your own part to ask God to bless you materially. People can say what the want to say about you enjoying God’s blessings…let them say…But refuse to be bothered

The Word of God has to pass through the eye gate…the ear gate…and the mouth for it to be uploaded to our minds. Then we need to continue reading it, hearing it, muttering it or speaking it out loud for it to be downloaded from our minds to our spirits. We don’t STOP…we CONTINUE reading it, hearing it, and speaking it until it becomes Widespread and Far reaching!

Can you offer your life FOR Billy Graham…a good man whose ministry has touched so many lives? Perhaps…some individual might take the courage to die FOR him. Can you offer your life FOR Osama Bin laden…the notorious fugitive-terrorist that his activities has hurt the world? Not at all… This is almost impossible. Jesus did not die FOR good men…rather He did what is humanly IMPOSSIBLE…He died for the ungodly

If God gave up His Son to die…FOR OUR BENEFIT on the cross…Now that Christ has risen from the dead and lives FOR US …God will GIVE US ALL THINGS through Him! “And my God shall supply ALL your needs according to His riches in glory BY CHRIST JESUS”. Glory to God!

The prayers of a righteous man with human flaws…weak points…limitations avail much!
In Christ…we do not only subdue and overcome the devil…we take him as a prisoner of war!

In Christ we have gained decisive victory over tests and trials, suffering, harassment, discrimination, food crisis and starvation, threat…and every kind of danger, and war!

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