Inspiring Quotes by Rex al Opusunju D.D – 14

Dr Rex

Love triggers faith…it sets faith in motion and turns it on!

Favor, love and partnership are our escort in Christ!

Through our faith…the power of God encircles us as a battalion of soldiers!

Through the knowledge of God…the power of God has delivered to us EVERYTHING that is appropriate and relevant in our lifetime in addition to godliness!

God’s promises to us are priceless…cherished…valued and are over and above greatness!

God’s miraculous power is transmitted to us through our faith to to do the impossible !

Faith is an alternative to medical science…your faith will restore you back to health!

Words inspire …words encourage…words dispel fear…words give faith…words makes us to be strong and courageous…words heal…words gives us victory…words are seeds that will bring a harvest to our lives…words gives us mastery over things…over the devil. With words let us reign as Kings of life!

The Word of God will pull you out of hopelessness, dejection and gloom…It will drive away all your fears and give you a sense of security in life!

God is our domicile…our dwelling place. We live and move and have our being “IN Him”. Our lives are hid with Christ “IN God”. “IN God” is our secret place…our place of refuge, protection and safety…where no enemy or foe can pentrate. Now we live and move under the shadow of the Almighty God which is a BRIGHT CLOUD that has enveloped and over-shadowed us completely!

We are risen with Christ…we are seated with Christ at God’s right hand in the highest heaven…FAR ABOVE ALL principalities, powers, might, dominion and EVERY NAME that is named EVERYWHERE… By inference… ALL principalities, powers, might, dominion, and every name named in this world…are FAR BELOW us!

God’s promises to us are priceless…cherished…valued and are over and above greatness!

God’s promises ties us to divinity!

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