Inspiring Quotes by Rex al Opusunju D.D -8

Dr Rex

Wisdom is the most important thing to be desired in life…When you value wisdom…you will get God’s endorsement…His help…His encouragement.
Wisdom will bring you to eminence when she occupies your thoughts and wins your admiration!

Wisdom will bring you to a place of importance …a place of distinction in life. This is a true to life declaration…very authentic!

We are positioned to achieve our highest potential in Christ in the third heaven! There is no other position anywhere that is higher.

The Capacity of the human spirit to recieve God’s Word is bottomless!

Meditation + Observation + Application = Prosperity and Good Success in Life
When we become conscious of God’s abiding presence within us, life will be full-size and electrifying because He is GREATER than our circumstances. Glory to God!

The greatest fraud is what I call “personality fraud”. We defraud ourselves when we are not doers of the Word of God. One way to resolve this is for us not to be “forgetful hearers” of the word. When we are not forgetful…very likely as children of God we will be doers of the work. Glory to God!

Let him that stole steal no longer…but let him work with his hands that which is GOOD.. There are christians who are involved in illegitmate businesses and professions. The scripture above can help you see God’s perspective. A work that conforms to God’s standard must be GOOD!

Your words and actions make up your lifestyle and they are seeds that will produce a harvest after their kind in life’s “due season”

Our words should build up our hearers and not tear them down. Seasoned words will impart God’s favor to people who pay attention!

If you think you need MORE OF GOD’S BLESSINGS in your life…GIVE!


The Bible teaches to do GOOD to ALL MEN especially to those who are of the household of faith… But 21st Century Christian tradition teaches us to DO GOOD ONLY to people we call “GOOD GROUND” so we can receive a bountiful harvest. This kind of thinking contradicts God’s Word.

When we do good to all men and ALL Christians God will definitely reward us…
We were created for GOOD WORKS AND DEEDS! Glory to God!

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