Inspiring Quotes by Rex al Opusunju D.D – 9

Dr Rex

God has entrusted the Church with the WORD OF RECONCILIATION and not condemnation!

God is not taking an inventory of the sins of the world He has reconciled to Himself through Christ!

Every Child of God is a diplomat of Heaven on earth!

We are Kings of life and we have received loads of favor from our heavenly father God!

Its good and acceptable in our heavenly Father-God’s sight for all men who are SAVED to come to the FULL KNOWLEDGE of the TRUTH!

Sin was between God and man…until Jesus removed sin by the sacrifice of Himself. Presently He is IN-BETWEEN God and man as a Mediator…Intermediary and Conciliator!

Jesus is our LINK…our BOND…our TIE…our CONNECTION to God!

When God is finished with dressing us up…our appearance will be more gorgeous than the lilies of the field and King Solomon in all his splendor!

Solomon dressed himself but God desires to dress you. Will you give Him the opportunity?

Watch out for the BLESSING that comes your way when men INSULT you BECAUSE OF JESUS.

Experience God! …Be His Witness! …Let the world know that our God is Goooooooood!!

The works of the flesh are seeds of death…do not plant them! The fruit of the Spirit are seeds of Life…Plant them!

Ignorance limits us but the knowledge of God removes the limitations in our life!

The reward is always GREATER than the sacrifice!

The harvest from the seed sown is always LARGER than the seed itself.

When we intercede, God gets involved in all sides of our life and works things out FOR GOOD!

We can rest in peace while we are alive on this side …as we walk with God!

Many years ago the Lord asked me a question that I felt was embarrassing at the time. His question was… Are you resting in peace or anxiety?

Those that are in grief or mourning are well off…blessed and fortunate

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