A Vital Lesson For Couples

Dr Rex

I always felt Mary the mother of our Lord Jesus was not the talkative type. Have you ever wondered why she did not tell Joseph her husband about her encounter with the Angel who brought God’s message to her about giving birth to a Son that she should call Jesus?

I expected her to explain the circumstance of her pregnancy to her husband @ the time he was worried she was cheating on him and was considering a private divorce.

In human history her experience is an exception…I think her explanation to Joseph would not have made sense. Joseph cannot relate to any precedent in human history where a woman became pregnant without a sexual relationship with a man.

I imagine Mary thought through all of these…then she finally made a decision to commit her situation into God’s hand without her interference.

Notice …it took God to convince Joseph…He personally spoke to Joseph in a dream @ the time he was so worried about Mary’s pregnancy.

God also spoke to Joseph about the name of the Child…what He should be called…exactly thesame name He spoke to mary through His angel THE NAME Jesus- a great lesson for us today.

Couples should expect God to confirm His word to them…If its important He will speak to you and your spouse about it…thats the kind of God we serve. Glory to God!

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