About Words

Dr Rex

Words are creative…words inspire…words transmit life…words heal us…words give faith…words are persuasive…words are powerful…words are living…words glorify God…words encourage us…words give us strength!

We are products of words and with words we can reign as kings of life!
Let me know how words have worked for you.

Can you remember the words that made you cry ? What about the words that brought joy to your heart and the words that motivated you to act? Have you ever heard words that encouraged you? what about words that inspired you to pray…words that inspired you to give some one in need a helping hand? Have you ever been conquered by the power of words? Everyday of our lives we encounter words. Words influence…and dominate our lives more than anything. Words occupy our thoughts… we meditate on words… words fill our airwaves…we hear words as songs to lighten our hearts…the internet is saturated with words…words educate us…words teach us…words are revelation…words govern us…words heal us…words drive fear away…words fill us with courage…words gives us wisdom…words bring us closer to our God. Create an atmosphere for miracles…for God to move into your life…your affairs…by speaking the word of God Always !

Count your blessings…you will be AMAZED at the GOODNESS OF GOD OVER YOUR LIFE!

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