Angels- Part 3- Rex al Opusunju D.D

Dr Rex

In our previous two teachings, we established the fact that there are different Angelic commands and ranking in heaven.

Each Angelic order and ranking have their respective FUNCTIONS and RESPONSIBLITIES. There is no DISODERLINESS in heaven!.

Furthermore, we learned that God’s Angels as countless as they are have “NAMES”. However the Bible does not place too much importance on the “NAMES” of Angels.

The emphasis of God’s WORD is on the “NAME OF JESUS”. Glory to God!

Angels are not permitted to PREACH THE GOSPEL in this dispensation. They can bring MESSAGES to us concerning IMPORTANT EVENTS in the MIND and PURPOSE of God. (Daniel 9:21 -27) Glory to God!


Angels have different features – some have WINGS and others don’t. The TEXTURE and COLOUR of their hair differ, including the STYLE. Some wear LONG hair and others prefer it short.

Angels wear smart dresses like you do! They are FULLY CLOTHED and DRESSED with their SHOES on according to their classification and rank. Glory to God!

The two Angels that MARY MAGDALINE saw at the tomb where Jesus body had been were dressed in WHITE CLOTHING:

…While Mary was crying, she stooped down and looked into the tomb and saw TWO ANGELS IN WHITE CLOTHING sitting there where Jesus body had been lying.

The Angel who was sent with a MESSAGE to Daniel on the last day of his three weeks fast was DRESSED IN LINEN GARMENTS with a BELT of PUREST GOLD around his waist:

I looked up and suddenly there before me stood a PERSON CLOTHED IN LINEN GARMENTS with a BELT OF PUREST GOLD around his waist…
(Daniel 10: 5 LIVING BIBLE.)

If you have a disclosure of a half- naked Angel, be careful…You are seeing something else!

THERE IS DECENCY IN HEAVEN. Enough is said here! Glory to God!


It is fascinating to know that Angels FEED on Food just like you do!

The MANNA that the children of Israel ate in the wilderness is HEAVEN’S GRAIN.

Everyone ate the BREAD OF THE MIGHTY (man ate ANGELS FOOD).
(Psalm 78: 24, 25 AMPLIFIED BIBLE)

Does the above scripture give you a revelation about heaven?

There is a time to “Eat” in heaven. Glory to God!

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