Angels-Questions and Answers- Rex al Opusunju D.D

Dr Rex

I will attempt to give Bible Based answer to some questions regarding our teachings so far on Angels- God’s messengers.
I believe God will minister to you in a very special way as you read with an open mind.


Angels are Spirit beings. How can they partake of food?


If Angels cannot partake of “food” because they are SPIRIT BEINGS, WHY did the LORD and two Angels who APPEARED to Abraham by the Oak of Mamre “eat” of the roast veal and bread prepared by Sarah, Abraham’s wife? (Genesis 18: 1-8).

Apostle Paul must have had “something else” in his mind when he wrote his Hebrew Brethren in the Following words:

Do not forget to Entertain strangers, for by so doing, SOME have unknowingly ENTERTAINED ANGELS
(Hebrew 13: 2).

“Manna” is Heaven’s grain-the “FOOD” of Angels! (Psalm 78: 24, 25).


Our bodies will be glorified when we are in heaven. Can we partake of “food” in a GLORIFIED State?


If we cannot partake of “food” when our bodies are GLORIFIED, WHY did Jesus “Our Example” “eat” broiled fish and some honey-comb when HE APPEARED to His disciple after His resurrection from the dead? (Luke 24:36-43).

Concerning the LORD’ S SUPPER the LORD spoke the following words to His disciple


If Jesus was not referring to the MARRIAGE FEAST OF THE LAMB that will take place in Heaven after our GLORIFICATION, I do not know what else he was talking about!

We will have the “time” to eat in Heaven!


Can Heavenly Beings clothe themselves in garments?


If Heavenly Beings are not clothed in garments, Apostle John must have seen “something else”….. for he saw the TWENTY- FOUR ELDERS of the Heavenly Sanhedrin sitting, arrayed in WHITE ROBES before God,s throne in Heaven (Revelations 4:1-4).

Jesus Also APPEARED to John in HIS FULL GLORY in the Island of patmos, CLOTHED IN A GARMENT that reached down to His feet with a GOLDEN BELT around His breast (Revelations 1:13).

Angels clothe themselves in garments like you do! (Daniel 10:5 John 20:11, 12).


Don’t you think it is extreme to teach that Angels have their own home in Heaven? Is there Scripture to support your view?


First I will like to say that I am not presenting my view here because my view is not important at all on this subject. Its of absolute importance to become acquainted with God’s perspective on this subject.

To answer your question I would like to ask you some simple questions:

Does God have a House?
Are there “MANSIONS” for the Saints in Heaven?

If God has a House and the believers have their personal mansions in Heaven; don’t you think it is logical for God to provide His Angels too with their OWN HOME?

The Bible Speaks about “some Angels of God” who abandoned their ranks and their Heavenly Home to join Lucifer in his rebellion against God

….. the Angels who did not keep their PROPER DOMAIN, but left their OWN HABITAION, He has reserved in Everlasting chains under darkness for the judgments of the great day:(Jude 6 King James Version).

The Greek word translated HABITATION, in the King James Version of Jude 6, is oikterion, which literally means a residence, house or home.

You must realize that the earth was designed to be Heaven’s Mirror image! God cares for all His creation. Glory to God!


Is it important to teach on Angels?


Emphatically YES!
There is great ignorance about God’s Angels in the body of Christ today. The reason is because little teaching is done about them in our pulpits. Few books are written about Angels.Much have been taught about SATAN and DEMONS. There are a lot of documented testimonies of people’s involvement in the occult world. All our curiosity and investigation for years have been on the evil and negative continent of the Spirit world. The time has come for a CHANGE.

NEVER, has it been so important and crucial for us to become aware of the Positive Continent of the Spirit world. NEVER, has it been so important and crucial for us to become aware of the activities of God’s Angels.

God’s Angels have exerted significant influence on human history. In God’s move today on the earth, these messengers are playing a significant role!

You need to know about them.References to Angels far out number references to demons, evil spirits and Satan in the Bible. Angels are mentioned 273 times in 34 Biblical Books.More will be said about God’s angels in this publication in future.


Do not seek to have a vision of Angels by yourself. It is dangerous!
Be content to know that these beings exist and trust that God will send you one when you have need of them according to His own will.
The believer has a more priviledged position than any Angel.
Angels are our ministers. You should not WORSHIP them!
Do not make an issue on the name of angels. Their names are not important.
The only important Name in the Bible is the Name of Jesus.

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