Concerning those who are God Fearing but not Saved

Dr Rex

In EVERY NATION there are people who RESPECT and HONOR GOD…do not ever forget this truth !

In Acts 10: 34, 35, Apostle peter said :”…of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons. BUT IN EVERY NATION HE THAT FEARETH HIM AND WORKETH RIGHTEOUSNESS IS ACCEPTED WITH HIM.

Apostle Peter made this statement in a context which I would like to bring out here.
Remember Cornelius…the Gentile convert to Judaism? The Bible described him as a devout man that feared God with his household. He was not saved @ this time but this was how the word of God described him in Acts 10: 1-5.

Notice Something else about this man:…he gave alms to the people and prayed always!.
He was not a saved man yet but he lived like that …doing good works!

While he was in a prayer and fast @ a point in his life, he was visited by an angel sent by God to him to deliver a message that will guide him on what to do to be saved.

Notice the angel’s words to him …”Thine prayers and thine alms have come up as a MEMORIAL BEFORE GOD…”
Then he was instructed to send for peter to tell him words for him to be saved.

Here is a point I want to make…This man was God fearing…prayed and fasted…gave alms to people but he was not a believer…he was not saved…he had not given his life to Christ. If he died in this condition…he will be lost. But we need to see that God is faithful…Just as he helped Cornelius…and sent His angel to guide him on what to do to be saved…for people in our time who are God fearing as Cornelius…God might not show them a vision as He did to Cornelius but something we need to be certain about…God will give them the opportunity to be guided to the truth. They will have the opportunity to hear the word of God or be guided to the word of God so as to be saved.

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