Insight Into The Realities Of The Spirit Realm Through The Word Of God

Dr Rex

There are things that are real…perceptible…tangible to us here on earth. For example when the wind blows…we feel it and we see its effect .

No one is capable of convincing us about the wind…that it is non-existent or not a reality. The realm of the spirit needs to become real to us as the wind is to us naturally.


The Word of God gives us INSIGHT INTO THE REALM OF THE SPIRIT and makes spiritual things to become more Perceptible, tangible and REAL to us

Invisible things are a reality!

We cannot see the wind…but we can observe the effect of the wind.

There are several activities going on in different locations of the world today as we speak…which are invisible to our senses but are true to life experiences and are quite real.

Likewise the spirit realm is invisible to our natural senses.But there are real activities going on in that realm. The word of God informs us about the reality of the activities in the realm of the spirit. The Bible teaches us that the Angel of the Lord ENCAMP ROUND ABOUT those that fear Him. Our spirit man can be sensitized to the ministry of angels through the enlightenment that comes from God’s Word. We can become aware of angelic activities around us.

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