Insights on our Redemption

Dr Rex

We are justified by the blood of Jesus. We are saved from God’s wrath!

We are set totally free from the power of sin !

The righteous requirement of the law is fulfilled in us who are in Christ!

We are the recipients of God’s over-flowing grace !

The obedience of Christ to offer his life for us…has made us righteous and acceptable in God’s eyes !

We are the ambassadors of Christ here on earth…we are the diplomats of heaven in this world…we are God’s emissary…envoy and representatives !

God lives IN US and works THROUGH US here on earth

Jesus has secured a COMPLETE and EVERLASTING redemption for us through His blood !

God has bestowed on us ALL the privileges and rewards associated with the new life in Christ !

Jesus is presently LIVING FOR US @ God right hand !

We share the same likeness with Christ inwardly…like He Is…so are we on earth !

God has conferred on us the right and privilege of sonship in Christ…we are recognized as the sons of God and can assume the rights associated with our sonship !

We are not slaves anymore. Neither are we bond servants anymore. Now we are the sons of God and heirs of God !

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