Insights on the Family Tree of Jesus

Dr Rex

God sees things from His perspective…many times different from man.

I am amazed at the genealogy…lineage…family tree of the Lord Jesus Christ. In one genealogy list Joseph the husband of Mary the mother of Jesus was listed!

He was not the biological father of the Lord Jesus Christ!

A lesson I have learned is… Heaven recognizes and approves the role foster parents play in raising children. If you are an adopted child…recognize the authority God has put over your life in your foster parents…love and submit to them. They are your family…God recognizes here on earth!

You remember Judah…a son of Jacob…the brother of Joseph who had a dream and became a ruler in Egypt? Judah was short-sighted about his future like most of us today. Remember he was in the conspiracy that sold his brother as a slave. He… like other of his brethren envied Joseph becos of his dreams…not realizing that God had a divine purpose for his life also.

He is mentioned in the lineage of the Lord Jesus Christ. He was the forth generation from Abraham in the lineage of Jesus. Jesus was his descendant.Think about that. A lesson here is the futility of competition. We are all called for a unique purpose in the mind of God. Be content with God’s purpose for your life.

You remember Rehab…the prostitute of Jericho? Out of the depth of sin God brought her…cleaned her up and gave her a godly husband…The great, great-grandson of Abraham-God’s friend,… Salmon-the 10th generation from Abraham.

She was the great grand mother of King David. Think about this for a moment. Here is a lesson for us… Irrespective of our past…God can distinguish us and give us a glorious future becos we choose to hear His word and believe in Him!

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