Inspiring Quotes by Rex al Opusunju D.D – 18

Dr Rex

Allow the Word of God to gauge your speech in a dialogue…then your words will bless many !

When you walk in the love of God…you walk in God’s FULLNESS without limits!

Build up your spirit…Be refreshed …energized and rejuvenated praying in the Holy-Spirit !

Give your spirit a boost by affirming…what you have and who you are in christ!

The Holy-Spirit will lead us primarily…by the Inward Witness ! The Inward witness is two-pronged…positive and negative. Positive Inward witness is evidenced by “Peace in your spirit”. Negative Inward witness is evidenced by ” uneasiness in your spirit.”
Peace= Go Ahead
Uneasiness= Stop

Examine your leading in the light of God’s word. God guides us in line with His word!

Always ask God to confirm His leading to you. He will gladly oblige you!

God may choose to guide us through visions or dreams. He could also use the gift of prophecy or other manifestations of the Spirit to confirm His leading in our lives!

The Word of God will mean more to us in the coming years ahead. Men are attempting to re-define so many things…casting aside the old landmarks ! The hour to contend for the faith is upon us. Its time to declare the counsel of God in a balance. We will do it in the spirit of love…and we must persevere even in the midst of great opposition and misunderstanding. And many will see the light and turn around !

God has made provision to defend us from a defeated enemy !

In Christ we are sheltered …protected …guarded from ALL of satan’s attack. This is an unmistakable fact!

Even though God’s word…His promise to us may sound too good to be true at times…yet it is steadfast…reliable and we can look to it’s fulfillment in our lives with expectation !

Feast on God’s promises…laugh at your fears for a long while…and the torture and torment will fly !

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