Inspiring Quotes by Rex al Opusunju D.D – 19

Dr Rex

We need to study “words”. We need to learn how to use words positively to impart the lives around us and frame our own world. We need to learn how to use words to call into existence our desires and aspirations which are not manifest yet. Words rule the world. Words whip the devils. Words come to pass…words will make positive things happen in your life which was a daydream!
The secret behind answered prayers is walking by faith and love…confessing the Word of God and the sacrifice of praise…the fruit of our lips giving thanks to God continually !

Learn to “SAY” who God IS to you. Learn to SPEAK OUT your trust in God. it will help your faith to PERSONALISE God…He IS “MY GOD”. Then you will begin to witness increased divine intervention in your life!

God’s Angels ATTEND to the Word of God as we give “VOICE” to it !

Whatever gets through to your “EYE GATE” and “EAR GATE” will eventually connect to your SPIRIT via your MIND !

I have learned the art of using words to mirror my thoughts. I think before I speak and reflect the second time on the choice of words used after every speech !

In our success stories, we say the “sky or the atmosheric heaven directly above us is our limit”. However “In Christ”… we are positioned exactly where God and Christ are …”In the third heaven”… and we are limitless!

Thus says the Lord “Your weaknesses shall be turned to Strength”.

“Your faith shall see you THROUGH’

Put it to heart to accommodate men and women of God in your home and care for them. Be willing to make available your car for men and women of God for ministry purposes if it becomes necessary without grumbling or complaining. When you make such sacrifices willingly and gladly God will reward and enrich you in ways beyond your imagination.

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