Inspiring Quotes by Rex al Opusunju D.D – 20

Dr Rex

Some people value their pets and other things more than they value their fellow man. The righteous should value and take care of their flocks…this is right…however the Father-God values us more than the lilies of the field and the birds of the air and cares for them as well…let’s follow His example !

The teaching ministry will continue to play a correctional role bringing balance to the body of Christ in doctrine in the move of God on earth today!

There are truths which will not be lost to our generation. God is raising prophetic-teachers in our time who will teach the body of Christ concerning “spirituals” …the gifts of the Spirit…ministries… operations!

We have received a measurable depth of the knowledge of God …Now we are going to witness the application of divine knowledge in our time…the wisdom of God in demonstration. God is raising men and women of understanding who will put the word to work. Watch out church!

We will no longer be looking at the structures we have built and our empires as evidence of the move of God upon our lives. Rather we will be thrilled as we witness the greater signs and works which our Lord said will follow His word…a new annointing upon our lives and ministries… blessing the world around us !

When you make up your mind to continue harboring un-forgiveness…bitterness in your heart against people who have wronged you…do not forget to count the cost: Your prayers will be hindered…Your faith will fail…Your sins will not be forgiven. You become the victim of your own disobedience !

When you damn people through prayer…making petitions to God against them in prayer…it shows you have “something” against them in your heart already. You need to forgive them…You need to let go of “that” which has made you to take offense …that which has inspired you to make prayers against them

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