Inspiring Quotes by Rex al Opusunju D.D – 23

Dr Rex

Do you detest…hate…abhor your body? I think otherwise. The fact you bath it…cream it…cloth it…feed it…rest it…get the doctor check on it… exercise it to keep fit and trim is all the proof…the evidence you need to substantiates my conviction…”that you love your body”. Do you think Jesus loves His body? Sure…HE does much more…He nourishes and cherishes it …and WE ARE HIS BODY !
Jesus Christ is the foundation of our spiritual lives…the keystone of our faith…the basis of our standing with God !

Because Jesus is our foundation…we will NEVER go down…plummet or crash!

We must look on and be mindful of how we build upon the foundation of our lives-JESUS CHRIST!

With our WORKS we build upon the foundation of our lives- Jesus Christ ! Our works are categorized into two groups: a) Gold, Silver and Precious Stones (Good Works). b) Wood, Hay, Stubble (Works of the flesh). At the Judgement Seat of Christ, the fire of Christ’s Judgement will try our works to reveal…expose its quality. If our works are Good, we will be rewarded. If our works are Evil, we will suffer loss …however the foundation of our life will REMAIN…we shall be saved…but as a man who lost all he has in an inferno but who escaped with his life!

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