Inspiring Quotes by Rex al Opusunju D.D – 24

Dr Rex

We are God’s holy Place…God’s temple…God’s Shrine! The Holy-Spirit has made His Home IN us!

We are washed by the blood of Jesus…we are sanctified and made holy by the Word of God… we are made righteous and acquitted of every guilt in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God!

Train your mind to forget your hurt and not to reflect on the wrong…injustice…done to you !

If you can put it behind you…then you can forgive!

The devil shiver…tremble…quake and suffer palpitation at the sound and mention of Jesus Name!

If you know how to raise your hands up…if you can sing and hum…if you can convey your appreciation…THEN YOU CAN PRAISE …ADORE AND WORSHIP OUR GOD !

In your mind’s eye visualize yourself praying to God at the moment. I want you to see God’s hands placed upon your head as He speaks His blessings into your life and future. If you can picture all of these in your mind now…then I have goodness for you…You are blessed extraordinarily by God beyond your imagination!

When your employer promises to give you a raise on your salary…his words inspire hope and you begin to make plans ahead. Now God has made a lot of promises to you. He has promised to meet all your needs. If you have needs presently…do not forget to remind God about His word to you. As you go to remind Him in prayer…You can look to its fulfillment with absolute certainty because God Keeps His Word!

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