Inspiring Quotes by Rex al Opusunju D.D – 27

Dr Rex

The Holy-Spirit has submerged our spirits in a flood…an overflow…a torrent of God’s love!

Our loving Father-God has made provision to meet our every need here and in eternity !

God’s purpose for blessing us is for us to become a conduit…a medium of expressing His blessings to others. If you are not a blessing to people… you are living far below your potentials in Christ!

Faith…our defense shield is a place of protection for us in Christ were we extinguish and waste all the weapons in Satan’s arsenal !

The church is like a spiritual fitness center…a gymnasium. By speaking out and personalizing the word of God…the promises of God , we build faith into our spirits…faith to please God…faith to overcome the world…faith to obtain God’s promises !

The Word of God is also called the Word of Faith because it inspires and imparts faith to all those who hear it REPEATEDLY. Faith is a force…a power that is capable of removing mountains. When the Word of God is spoken in faith…it renders satan useless !

We need our spiritual eyes enlightened so that we can appreciate Jesus complete defeat of satan. When Jesus met satan in combat, He left him paralyzed…He rendered him completely powerless and ineffective. Satan was crippled…disabled and immobilized by Jesus!

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