Inspiring Quotes by Rex al Opusunju D.D – 28

Dr Rex

When God called Moses to deliver Isreal…Moses asked God the following question:” Who Am I that I should go unto Pharaoh and that I should bring forth the children of Isreal out of Egypt?”. Several years ago…the Lord showed me the importance in knowing ” Who I Am in Christ”. I doubt seriously if any believer will advance in their calling without knowing who they are in Christ !

I am amazed that so many Christians do not realize that they are CITIZENS of heaven already…in this life !. When you observe so many believers…” making heaven is their obsession here on earth… a religious struggle to earn by works… a place God has already prepared for them …a place God said so clearly in His Word is their homeland now through Christ!

As far as heaven is concerned…we as Believers are CITIZENS of heaven now ! In studying the Word of God I was amazed to discover that it is only “ONE SIN” that can make a Believer lose his Citizenship in heaven. The Sin is one that extinguishes Eternal Life in a Believer called the “Sin unto death”. All unrighteousness is sin…there is a sin not unto death!

At the Judgement seat of Christ in heaven when our WORKS will be tested by fire to know what sort it is…there will be believers who will suffer loss because their WORKS was burned… but they shall be SAVED!

Our primary aim should be…to live a good life…increasing in good works…increasing in the fruits of righteousness through doing the greater works that Jesus said we will do in His name…doing the work of ministry for the building up of the body of Christ so as to be rewarded by the Lord according to our works here on earth in heaven!

Our good works should be inspired by FAITH not religion. God will reward us for works inspired by Faith…Works we do by the hearing of faith…the hearing of the word of God!

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