Inspiring Quotes by Rex al Opusunju D.D – 32

Dr Rex

Our Primary Goal as believers should be to “Find the Word of God”. We “Find the Word of God” in reality once we get it into our spirit man. The way to get God’s Word into our spirit man is by looking @ the Word of God repeatedly ; Speaking it softly to ourselves over and over again and hearing it again and again ! This is the SECRET of Victory…Prosperity…Power…Favor and Enjoying All Our Inheritance in Christ !

As we minister to the Lord in Praise and Worship… the gifts of the Spirit comes into manifestation through us !

Praise is the Fruit of our lips GIVING THANKS TO GOD CONTINUALLY ! The fruit of our lips are the words we speak. In a specific sense…Words that express our Thankfulness…Gratitude…Appreciation to God Continually. These words can be expressed in songs. We can as well speak them out too !

Commitment, Devotion, Dedication…we see that in our military. In these last days…God is restoring Commitment to His Church. We will Commit to God’s Divine purposes !

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