Inspiring Quotes by Rex al Opusunju D.D – 33

Dr Rex

The Holy-Spirit and the Word of God are Buddies. They are forever knit together !

The Word of God is ALWAYS @ the forefront of EVERY Move of God’s Spirit on earth !

The Word of God is ALWAYS @ the forefront of EVERY Move of God in our lives !

Revival IS revitalization…renewal…restoration…reinforcement…recovery and resurgence. Its UPON us @ this very hour through the Word and the Spirit of God. Its gathering great momentum like a hurricane as it sweeps across the body of Christ World-wide!

Do not be an illiterate in the FAITH… Get an Education… Be Schooled in the Word of God!

God’s highest wish, aspiration, yearning and desire FOR us is to prosper… flourish and grow in our finances immensely as we flourish in our soul significantly. He desires also for our bodies to be healthy !

We have the Mind of Christ and hold the feelings and the purposes of His Heart !

We have the highest potential to develop our faith more than any other generation that existed before us !

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