Inspiring Quotes by Rex al Opusunju D.D-36

Dr Rex

A Bishop is an Overseer…or in a simple…straight forward and uncomplicated term- A PASTOR!

The Word of God builds up our spirit man!

I am stunned that so many Christians do not have assurance of making heaven. The Word of God is very clear about this fact: WE ARE CITIZENS OF HEAVEN NOW!

Working so hard and not resting our nerves and sleeping enough does not represent success in life and ministry. Rest is a good spiritual tonic and we need ENOUGH of it in these last days!

Because we have found FAVOR WITH GOD we are HIGHLY FAVORED and have received SPECIAL HONOR !

God knows your street address. He knows your apartment number and He knows where to locate you at every point in time. When He sends His Angels to favor you…to bless you…to protect you they will seek you out wherever you are!

God knows who your fiancĂ©(e) is. He knows his/her ancestors. He knows your moral standing. He knows what the future holds for you. He knows about all your weaknesses and strengths. NOTHING IS HIDDEN FROM HIM. If you allow Him and do not get on His way…He will defend and vindicate you-ALWAYS!

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