Inspiring Quotes by Rex al Opusunju D.D – 38

Dr Rex

God wants us to experience the reality of all His provisions for us in the New Covenant…which is sealed by the precious blood of His Son Jesus Christ!

Redemption was provided for all men more than 2000 years ago by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. When any one receives redemption…God’s provision for the salvation of men, it becomes real to that person!

Satan’s dominion over our lives is broken. Jesus Christ has legally DELIVERED US from every satanic domination. The devil has been placed FAR BELOW US as we sit with Christ and God FAR ABOVE him in the highest heaven!

Every man “in Adam” is DEAD spiritually. Likewise every man “in Christ” is ALIVE spiritually!

God establishes, anoints and seals “every man in Christ” with the Holy-Spirit-who is the down-payment…the security deposit in advance …to assure the final redemption of our bodies from the grave!

Let’s Give thanks to God for He ALWAYS gives us the VICTORY in Christ in every fight!

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