Our Spiritual Armor

Dr Rex

A belt strapped on a trouser…on our waist will keep it firm. A belt…a girdle strapped on the loins of our minds will keep our thoughts under control. God’s Word…Truth…is a girdle on the loins of our minds to keep our thoughts in check!

Our Spiritual armor…our protective covering is categorized in two groups: a)The body armor…we wear as a belt over our waist…as a bullet vest over our breast…and shoes to cover our legs. b)The armor we take on our hands… a shield as a safeguard… a helmet to protect our head and a sword !

The Body Armor:

1.The Belt of Truth
2.The Breast plate of Righteousness- Faith and Love.
3.Shoes…getting ready to preach the gospel of Peace.

The Armor we Take:

1.The Faith Shield…likened as a defense Shield
2.The Helmet of Salvation-Our hope of Salvation
3. The Sword of our recreated spirit- The word of God

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