Testimonies of the Power of God’s Word and Prevailing Prayers

Dr Rex

Several years ago…my aunt was admitted in a hospital in the city I live. She was unconscious because an artery had bust in her head and formed a blood clot . I took an auto-reverse cassette player and healing scripture tape along and moved into her hospital room. I sat by her bedside from 11am until the following morning playing the healing scriptures over her. She came around and the clot was melted by the Word of God !

A man was kidnapped… his family and I prayed as though our house was on fire for 21 days in other tongues.
Yes…we prayed and slept…woke up…prayed some more until God INTERVENED and answered our prayers.
The man came home alone…re-unites with his family…A miracle has happened…God has wrought his deliverance …his captors bewildered and astonished …confused at the work of God…the demonstration of His great power! Lets give God praise!

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