Inspiring Quotes by Rex al Opusunju D.D- 45

Dr Rex

The mystery of the Gospel is that the Gentiles through Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection are made Co-heirs with the Jews to all that belongs to God.

The Jews and Gentiles are in grafted into one body…sharing a common identity in Christ. Both are equal partakers of all the promises of God!

Whatever good thing we have now or will have in our future are GIFTS from a loving God!

We have distinct callings and responsibilities in the Body of Christ. However as far as our position in Christ is concerned, in addition with the love of God towards us and His blessings upon our lives…none of us should make an EXCLUSIVE claim than other Believers! We share equal position and blessings in Christ. God also loves all of us equally!

A feeling of exclusiveness will open the door to the devil to deceive us. Many Religious Cults were started when their founders began to feel exclusive. Enough is said here!

If you are in ministry…God will let you walk through an open door he has appointed for you to take. Many factors could close certain doors of nations before you but do not allow that to discourage you. I have learned from experience that there are several open doors however, that God knows about that can lead you to the destination of your calling!

I advocate that you pray mostly in tongues if you have been baptized in the Holy-Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. This will help you to forge spiritual stamina!

Study the Word of God to find out your redemptive rights and privileges as God’ s child. Feed on the Word day and night through reading and listening to the Bible on cassette tapes, Cd’s, Mp3 etc. By doing these often, your faith will become strong and you will become aware of God’s mighty power in and through you!

By constantly waiting on God your calling and gifts will develop!

Excellence in life and ministry comes through diligent work especially in the area of personal spiritual development.

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