Inspiring Quotes by Rex al Opusunju D.D- 46

Dr Rex

The Holy-Spirit is an eye-opener!

The Holy Spirit uses men. However many times we are expecting Him to manifest Himself from the “blues” or sky!

The Holy Spirit’s is always present in the atmosphere of the Spoken Word of God!

Faith will extinguish the force of the lightning!

Faith transforms the weakling…the feeble in mind and body into a superman!

Do not despise little beginnings in life. Climb the ladder of success from the low rung up

Something about the Old Testament sacrifice and rituals…they were offered and performed repeatedly to cleanse the worshipers from their sins. But in the New Covenant…the sacrifice of Christ was made ONCE AND FOR ALL to purify or make us holy. Unfortunately there are those today who prescribe a routine of works to purge believers of sin Christ has redeemed them from through His blood!

Jesus offered just one sacrifice for sins FOREVER!

He sat down in the highest heaven after offering Himself and is expecting for the Church to subdue His enemies and make them His footstool!

We are a carbon copy…a photocopy…a replica of Christ…molded into His very image!

Do not be hasty to make decisions!

Stay away from things that will cause strife!

Whenever you sow the word of God on the soil of your heart…God is under Obligation to cause it by His power to bring forth fruit in your life!

Friends…God’s hands are upon us for blessing. I am ready for His blessings now. What about you?

Through out our lifetime on earth…we have a Man who sits at the right hand of God making intercessions FOR us!

All that is beneath Jesus Feet is under our feet too!

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