Inspiring Quotes by Rex al Opusunju D.D- 49

As the salt of the earth…our words reveal if we have lost our savor or strength! Our speech should be seasoned with salt and minister grace to our hearers!

Make no mistake about this…God knows how to deliver the righteous from tribulation!

God’s mercies are fresh and new every morning!

Your success in life is totally guaranteed when you become Addicted to God’s Word!

The Word of God also is the basis for an effective prayer life!

God’s will is for men to be saved. He desires much more for those who are saved to also come to the knowledge of the truth!

I will say of the Lord…He is MY GOD!

You are what you think!

Our light shines when our good works are visible to men and inspire them to worship and magnify our God!

Our Words determines the outcome of our prayers!

We enforce thoughts by giving voice to them. Thoughts that contradict the promise of God’s word should be cast down. We should refuse to dwell on them. If they persist and we refuse to give them voice after a while they will fizzle out!

Being effective in prayer is to take sides with God’s Word! Repeat God’s Word over “that” very situation and keep at it. Victory is a sure thing!

Walk in love. Refuse to be bitter against anybody irrespective of your experience with them. This guarantees your success in life!

I have made a practice of doing the opposite of what the devil suggests to my mind when men hurt me. It’s easy to do when you refuse to dwell on the hurt. Yes you can refuse to “think” about it although the devil will like to give you that opportunity. Refuse to pay mind to him!

There’s a lot of competition in the world. Competition is sometimes good in certain context of life. But stay away from competition as far as you faith in Christ is concerned and your spiritual calling in life! When you understand God’s plan for your life…focus on it and give it your best shot. God will reward you!

God’s Word brings to a close all human argument on any matter of interest!

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