Nuggets of Heavenly Wisdom

The Word of God is beneficial and useful in every situation we find ourselves!

Be gracious in your speech. Inspire…encourage and spice your words up with God’s Word so that your hearers will get the greatest benefit!

Satan’s schemes are very subtle and difficult to analyze or describe. However the Word of God dissects and reveals his modus operandi

God does not use people without human flaws. We fail to realize this fact most times. However He continues to work in us -that which is well pleasing in His sight!

You cannot make yourself adult overnight friends! That growth process takes a while to achieve here on earth. Neither are you able to mature spiritually overnight. It will take you a while to accomplish. Keep feeding your spirit the Word of God continuously and you will get all the nourishment needed for your spiritual growth and maturity.

Repeating the same mistakes overtime shows you are not paying attention to make the necessary changes to get it right!

We all “know in part” even at our very best on this side of God’s universe. With the operation of the gifts of revelation we are limited to that which is revealed by God because He does not disclose to us everything. This is a very hard lesson to come to terms with for some people. God alone is Omniscience!

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