Transformed by God’s Word

We cannot convert anyone to a godly life by our power. However its possible to achieve that through the Word of God and the Spirit of God.

 Its been said that we should not listen to our critics. This is good advice when our critics are only interested in tearing us down. However I have discovered that constructive criticism is a blessing!

 The Word of God is our best critic. It builds us up  when we pay attention!

 Our life will become stable when we have the Wisdom and Knowledge of God!

 The Word of God will transform us when we recieve it into our hearts with meekness!

 The Knowledge of God is imparted to us by the Spirit of God through God’s Word!

 Words travel farther than we can imagine. Words we speak on earth in prayers are transmitted beyond the shores of this world into the very presence of God in the third heaven. Our Words on earth…can be heard in the region of the damned.  Jairus daughter heard the Words of Jesus transmitted to her beyond the shores of this world…when the Lord said to her corpse on earth ” Talitha Cumi”. Death could not hold her back.No power was able to hold her back. She started heading back to the earth in obedience to Jesus Words. Glory to God forevermore!

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Fine-tuning Our Faith

Tweak or fine-tune your spirit man by praying in th Holy-Spirit!

 Be firm…put away anything and everything that limits or hinders your faith in God’s Word!

 Listen more intently and consistently to the counsel of the wise-the Word of God!

 Let your speech be seasoned. Encourage…inspire…motivate and build-up your hearers in their faith in God!

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Giving life your best Shot!

It does not matter how long you pray and how often you do it…if you don’t love people…you will not be truly successful in your prayer life!

 Un-forgiveness will literally NULLIFY the effectiveness of your prayer life!

 Once you determine what your calling in life Is…resolve to give it your best shot. Realize that you are not in competition with anyone. Just run the race set before you with perseverance and refuse to be discouraged!

 Do not be hasty in taking decisions when you are “under pressure”. Pray about your situation and seek God’s guidance.

 Allow the Peace of God to settle your questions. His peace is an Umpire in our hearts settling our questions once and for all. Give God praise and stay in anticipation and expectation that God will come through in your situation.

 Be thankful to God ALWAY! Learn to show gratitude and appreciation to people who have touched your life in a positive way.

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Explosion of God’s Powers

Being “high” or “intoxicated” with the Spirit at all times is acceptable to our God!

Worship triggers the manifestation of the gifts of the Holy-Spirit!

The blast, detonation, explosion of God’s powers…God’s Almightiness gives birth to a miracle!

God repeats Himself  in order to inspire faith in our hearts!

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Being Color Blind

To demonstrate favoritism against another on the basis of ethnicity or color is a dumb thing to do.

This is racism at its peak.

Both Caucasians and Africans are guilty of this madness.

Anyone who understands the origin of the human race and the fact that our present world was populated by three blood brothers-the sons of Noah and their descendants after the flood in Genesis 6… will be color blind!

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Solving life’s Conundrums

Wisdom is one thing that is most needed. Therefore get wisdom!

 Fathers…if you want your children to walk in God’s favor and to live their lives according to God’s standards…raise them up in the fear and admonition of God! (Ephesians 6:1-4, Proverbs 1:8-9)

 Exposing our spirits to the Wisdom of Solomon in the book of proverbs gives us the ability to solve life’s conundrums!

 A wise decision can turn on a miracle in your life!

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