Giving life your best Shot!

It does not matter how long you pray and how often you do it…if you don’t love people…you will not be truly successful in your prayer life!

 Un-forgiveness will literally NULLIFY the effectiveness of your prayer life!

 Once you determine what your calling in life Is…resolve to give it your best shot. Realize that you are not in competition with anyone. Just run the race set before you with perseverance and refuse to be discouraged!

 Do not be hasty in taking decisions when you are “under pressure”. Pray about your situation and seek God’s guidance.

 Allow the Peace of God to settle your questions. His peace is an Umpire in our hearts settling our questions once and for all. Give God praise and stay in anticipation and expectation that God will come through in your situation.

 Be thankful to God ALWAY! Learn to show gratitude and appreciation to people who have touched your life in a positive way.

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