Transformed by God’s Word

We cannot convert anyone to a godly life by our power. However its possible to achieve that through the Word of God and the Spirit of God.

 Its been said that we should not listen to our critics. This is good advice when our critics are only interested in tearing us down. However I have discovered that constructive criticism is a blessing!

 The Word of God is our best critic. It builds us up  when we pay attention!

 Our life will become stable when we have the Wisdom and Knowledge of God!

 The Word of God will transform us when we recieve it into our hearts with meekness!

 The Knowledge of God is imparted to us by the Spirit of God through God’s Word!

 Words travel farther than we can imagine. Words we speak on earth in prayers are transmitted beyond the shores of this world into the very presence of God in the third heaven. Our Words on earth…can be heard in the region of the damned.  Jairus daughter heard the Words of Jesus transmitted to her beyond the shores of this world…when the Lord said to her corpse on earth ” Talitha Cumi”. Death could not hold her back.No power was able to hold her back. She started heading back to the earth in obedience to Jesus Words. Glory to God forevermore!

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