God’s Word- An Exceptional Part of our Success Story

In today’s lesson, I am taking my text from the third Epistle of John Chapter 1:2 and it reads as follows:

Beloved, I pray that you may

Prosper in all things and be in health,

Just as your soul prospers

(3 John 1:2)

I would like you to notice the phrase in the apostle’s prayer:

“… I pray that you may prosper in all things…”

It is God’s will for his children to prosper in every area of their existence.

If you are not well-off in your own life, it is your responsibility.

God is not to be held responsible.

Prosperity simply means to move forward and progress until you become very great.

The second reflection I would like to pass on to you is that it is God’s will for you to be healthy!

Being healthy is God’s idea and not man’s idea.

To be healthy means to be free from every trace of sickness and disease.

You can live above sickness and disease by God’s power.

Notice again the phrase “… just as your soul prospers” in 3 John: 2.

Your financial, material, and physical prosperity and well being is proportionate to the prosperity of your soul.

Your soul is comprised of your mind, emotion, and will.

In review Apostle John’s prayer can be rephrased in this way: “…I pray that you may be wealthy in every area of life and stay healthy in your body even as you are healthy in your mind”

Joshua 1:8 reads “… this book of the law shall not depart from your mouth; you shall meditate in it day and night that you may observe to do according to all that it is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous and then you will have good success.

God gave Joshua the recipe for success. The key to Joshua’s prosperity was tied to God’s word. Joshua was told to speak the word of God to himself day and night; and be alert to apply its wisdom to his daily life. In this manner he will become prosperous and achieve good success in life.

Many people refuse to acknowledge God’s word as an exceptional part of man’s success story on earth. Take out God’s word and all you will have is bad success. Satan will get at you through his deceptive methods and wreck your life.

The success that God gives to you has His word as the foundation. That success is guaranteed and will always stand the test of every satanic onslaught against your life. Glory to God!

The book of psalms chapter 1 from verse 1-3 reads as follows:

Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor stands in the paths of sinners nor sits in the seat of the scornful; but his delight is in the law of the LORD, and in his law he meditates day and night. He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water that brings forth its fruit in its season, whose leaf also shall not wither and whatever he does shall prosper.

Who is a blessed man?

A blessed man is anyone who will not:

i) Act on the advice of the ungodly.

ii) Backslide from his faith and live like sinners

iii) Scorn at godly things.

Additionally a blessed man is anyone who will:

i) Delight himself on the word of God

ii) Meditate on God’s word day and night.

This person will in due course be fruitful in all his accomplishments and will never be unproductive.

He will always move forward and make progress until he is distinguished in life. Glory to God forevermore!


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The True Purpose of Prosperity

The primary purpose of prosperity for the believer should be the advancement of God’s Kingdom on earth. That should be our first priority in life.

Another reason for our prosperity is to meet our legitimate needs and to be a blessing to people around us who have needs as well.

There must be balance and commonsense in our material lives when God brings prosperity to our lives.

We should not be covetous or wasteful or allow material gain to be our primary motive in all our dealings.

I  believe in hard work, faithfulness, diligence and excellence and its my view that if we develop our talents and gifts…God will bring prosperity into our lives as Christians.

We might not own a mansion or drive a Rolls Royce in this life but our needs will be met and we would not need to live on hand outs etc.

There are legitimate ways God can prosper His servants.

Paul the apostle depended on his skill of tent-making to finance his missionary exploits.

God can bless a man of God through his published works via the printed page and other medias.

We can make good investments of our time, money and resources that will in turn bring in wealth into our hands.

An intriguing point  about God’s word is the wisdom that is imparted to our lives to excel and prosper in the works of our hands and all that we do.

Think about this for a moment: Will God require us to give to support His work here on earth if His plan is not to prosper or make provision for us to support the gospel?

Every church should have a ministry to the poor.

But can a poverty driven church fulfill the great commission or carry on its ministry to the poor?

With the world’s population rising to billions of people today …the church is faced with a huge challenge to evangelize the world.

Here is a fact that is very obvious: poverty brings limitation to our lives.

Poor believers will be unable to fulfill the great commission or send men and women who have a calling to go into all the world to evangelize because it takes funds…money to achieve that.

Was Jesus prosperous? I think so.

Jesus did not live in a mansion or drive luxurious cars but what is obvious is the fact that our Lord was not a beggar!

He depended on His father to make provisions for Him to meet the demands of His ministry here on earth and to take care of the needs of His disciples.

Through the application of the principles of prayer and faith and walking in love we can approach God for our needs without limitations.

The biblical principles of tithing and giving is for every believer to live by.

Poor believers are not excluded from practicing these principles.

Remember the poor widow that gave her mite and how Jesus commended her giving?

Jesus said she gave more than every other person in that congregation.

Tithing and giving is a means for God to prosper us to meet our needs and even to accomplish the great commission here on earth.

In Malachi chapter 3…God challenged us to prove Him with our tithes  and offerings and He will open the windows of heaven to flood us with His blessings.

When we live according to the principles of God’s Word…He will make provisions for us to meet our needs and also to be a blessing to people around us and to advance His work here on earth.

Denouncing the Biblical teaching of prosperity will continue to enforce poverty in the church and believers will have that mentality and will not be able to fulfill the great commission.

Does it bother you that it is only 20% of Christians world-wide that are putting in their money to finance the work of God today?

What about the rest of the 80% Christians?

I tell you among these 80% Christians…so many are bound by covetousness and the spirit of poverty.

The church must continue to enlighten believers about the true purpose of prosperity…which is the advancement of God’s kingdom.

My heart is full. My heart bleeds. I honestly detest the damage that we are doing to the purpose of God by raising defeated Christians and poverty minded Christians through our pet doctrines.

I have vowed to continue teaching along these lines as well as other important doctrines of God’s Word even when other voices accept to be silenced.


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Identical But Distinct

At certain points in our lives…the needs we have will be identical and similar with the needs of people around us.

At other points however… our needs can be distinct from the needs of  people around us depending on our circumstance.

Here are some illustrations to drive home this point:

i)  Someone might be needing an accommodation presently.

As for me, I do not need an accommodation at this time becos I already have one.

ii) I need a printing machine to do self publishing of tracts, Christian magazines etc. This will help me fulfill God’s calling upon my life.

Again…this might not be your need!

iii) Maybe you need to get married this year.

I do not need to be married because am already married.

God has promised to meet our every need.

If we can pray and believe Him and make our requests known to Him…He will meet our needs…as long as those needs are legitimate and will be a blessing to our lives and advance His kingdom!


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Our Prosperity is God’s Will

Presently, there is a subtle attack on the church from within… orchestrated by satan himself… to gag…suppress… stifle and restrain  ministers from declaring the whole counsel of God on the subject of prosperity.

There are those who have denounced the teaching of prosperity in very strong terms and these claim that the message of prosperity is un-biblical and is from the pit of hell.

Friends…God’s Word is very clear about our prosperity in this life!

If meeting our needs is not God’s priority then God must be worse than an infidel because His Word clearly states that anyone who cannot provide for his own is worse than an infidel

Thank God! He has made promises to us in His Word for our material provision… to meet our every need through Christ.( Phil 4:19).

Christianity is a revelation about Our heavenly Father God and His family.

We are the members of God’s household…His very own family on earth!

Earthly parents, provide for their children.

Our heavenly father-God has made an abundant provision of good things for His family to enjoy in this life more than any earthly parent!

I do not know about you but for me… I will continue to teach the principles of prosperity on God’s terms alongside other important subjects found in the Word of God!


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Becoming Distinguished and Honorable in Christ

The love of God will restrain you from saying things your flesh will want to say ordinarily to certain people. You just hold your peace becos you want to be charitable. You want to walk in love towards them. On an occassion …I have felt like saying ” SHUT UP” to somebody…but the love of God in my heart will not permit me to say such things.


Envision your success  and hold firm to a positive front by affirming the word of God consistently over your situation.

Our victory over satan is by the blood of Jesus and a faith-filled testimony!

When we take a Word bath continuously …the Word of God removes the spots, wrinkles and blemishes in our lives and gives us an impressive, superb and fabulous look. We become distinguished and honorable!


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How to increase and multiply God’s divine favor in our lives

Becoming better Acquainted with God through His Word…Feeding and growing your spirit on God’s Word will INCREASE AND MULTIPLY Divine favor in your life!

Invest your time…money and resources in the pursuit to attain the knowledge of God. Spend more time in fellowship…study…meditation and repetition of God’s Word prayerfully.This is the secret of experiencing an overflow of divine favors in your life.

The Knowledge of God guarantees our peace and increases it!

God has already blessed us with Every blessing He has in His world. These blessings becomes tangible as we connect to them through God’s Word!

All things that pertains to life…the abundant life in Christ…the good life are handed down to us via the KNOWLEDGE OF GOD!


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From Sonship to Discipleship

It would take dedication, commitment, consistency in the Word of God and meekness to be transformed from a Son or Child of God to a disciple (student, learner) of God’s Word!

Understanding comes by the repetitions of knowledge!

All the blessings you could possibly have are already yours in Christ!

God has not withheld any of His blessings from us.

God has given us ALL that He has for our benefit and enjoyment! (Ephesians 1:3)


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Be Locked in and Sold-out to God

The anointing confirms and substantiates a divine call to ministry!

Just be locked in…Sold-out in commitment to fulfilling God’s plan for your life!

i) Consecrate your talent to God

ii) Submit to your Pastor in the love of God

iii) Walk through open doors of ministry and be a blessing.

Do not forget or neglect to love…show kindness and be a blessing to people!

Ministry is all about touching lives to God’s glory!

Discover your area of expertise or specialty in ministry! For example…am called to teach the Bible in the light of our redemption in Christ. That’s my area of specialty…my foot-ball pitch on a light note. What’s yours?

Do not be a jack of all ministries and a master of none!


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Living Life Without Bitterness

It’s a blessing to be ridiculed by those you love…those you have helped in this life through Christ. It’s a blessing to live life without bitterness in your heart against those who attack you falsely to bring you to reproach!

Our passion for God stems from the love of God in our hearts. We owe everything…all our being…all that we have… to our ONLY SAVIOR who loves and esteems us…even more than His very life-Jesus Christ our Lord!

With God…we have an Over-whelming, Awe-inspiring victory!


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