Identical But Distinct

At certain points in our lives…the needs we have will be identical and similar with the needs of people around us.

At other points however… our needs can be distinct from the needs of  people around us depending on our circumstance.

Here are some illustrations to drive home this point:

i)  Someone might be needing an accommodation presently.

As for me, I do not need an accommodation at this time becos I already have one.

ii) I need a printing machine to do self publishing of tracts, Christian magazines etc. This will help me fulfill God’s calling upon my life.

Again…this might not be your need!

iii) Maybe you need to get married this year.

I do not need to be married because am already married.

God has promised to meet our every need.

If we can pray and believe Him and make our requests known to Him…He will meet our needs…as long as those needs are legitimate and will be a blessing to our lives and advance His kingdom!


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