Our Prosperity is God’s Will

Presently, there is a subtle attack on the church from within… orchestrated by satan himself… to gag…suppress… stifle and restrain  ministers from declaring the whole counsel of God on the subject of prosperity.

There are those who have denounced the teaching of prosperity in very strong terms and these claim that the message of prosperity is un-biblical and is from the pit of hell.

Friends…God’s Word is very clear about our prosperity in this life!

If meeting our needs is not God’s priority then God must be worse than an infidel because His Word clearly states that anyone who cannot provide for his own is worse than an infidel

Thank God! He has made promises to us in His Word for our material provision… to meet our every need through Christ.( Phil 4:19).

Christianity is a revelation about Our heavenly Father God and His family.

We are the members of God’s household…His very own family on earth!

Earthly parents, provide for their children.

Our heavenly father-God has made an abundant provision of good things for His family to enjoy in this life more than any earthly parent!

I do not know about you but for me… I will continue to teach the principles of prosperity on God’s terms alongside other important subjects found in the Word of God!


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