Inspiring Quotes by Rex al Opusunju D.D- 42

Dr Rex

All that we require in life has already been provided for us in Christ. God expects us to ask Him in prayer to furnish us with these provisions He has already made available for our ENJOYMENT!

God will forgive…pardon…exonerate and absolve ALL our sin, wickedness, meanness, obstinacy! He will heal, repair, make us whole from every sickness, malady, syndrome, virus and infection! God HAS through Christ bought back our lives from destruction and ruin, death and annihilation! He puts a crown of favor upon our heads. He fills our mouth with GOOD things to renew, rebuild and revamp our lives as the eagle!


God’s Power…The power of Christ’s resurrection EXCEEDS GREATNESS! We are the Focal Point of God’s Power when we believe the Word of God!

God removes us from harm’s way to a place of safety when we love Him and delight ourselves in Him!

God’s will is for us to LIVE LONG on earth UNTIL we become worn out…tired and weary of life on earth

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