Inspiring Quotes by Rex al Opusunju D.D – 29

Dr Rex

Luke 10:38-42 : Martha was distracted from the WORD OF GOD with MUCH serving. She was anxious and troubled about many things. In contrast Mary her sister made the right choice and refused to be distracted…she made up her mind to sit at Jesus feet to hear His Word. Jesus commended Mary for choosing that good part which shall not be taken away from her!

We should allow God’s peace to act as our referee… UMPIRE…deciding and settling every question that we have once and for all !

God is OUR HEAVENLY FATHER…although He is GOD to the world !
God is not the God of this world…Satan is- the reason for all the evil we see around us in the world social system .The Bible calls him the god of this world. However in the context of our relationship with GOD- He is our heavenly FATHER. We can call Him DAD OR PAPA…with a sense of endearment. As far as the world is concerned…men who are not Christians are concerned…they call Him GOD…He is GOD to them…But FOR us HE IS OUR FATHER.

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