Insights on the Ministry of the Apostle in our time

Dr Rex

Jesus builds His church through the ministries He has set in His body via His Word. His Word gives to us the inheritance of the saints in the light…and brings us to oneness in faith…oneness in the knowledge of the the Son of God until we reach maturity…to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ… growing up into Him in all THINGS…in character…in works and deeds of righteousness…

And the work of God will push forward as we have not seen it…it shall be an unprecedented move of God with the fire of love from heaven upon these men and women.

Today we do not have Foundational Apostles and Prophets in the class of the 12 Apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ and other Apostles as Paul the Apostle . The Apostles and Prophets today will BUILD UPON the Foundation which has been laid already – Jesus Christ…the Chief Corner Stone. THEY CAN NEVER LAY A “NEW FOUNDATION” FOR DOCTRINE FOR THE CHURCH !

There are Apostles today …but my point is we do not have Apostles today in the same class as the 12 Apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ…and Paul the Apostle. These laid the foundation in doctrine for the New Testament Church. The Apostles today must build upon that foundation laid and cannot lay any other foundation. In building upon that foundation…the word of God is the tool…instrument that builds the believer up to the full stature of Christ.

Here is a Check list for a New Testament Apostle:

a)He is SENT with a commission or charge.
(b)An Apostle must have the signs of an Apostle following his ministry…signs…wonders…mighty deeds.
c) An Apostle must have people his ministry has established in the Word of God. d) An Apostle must point to established churches he pioneered. d) This ministry is not a dictatorship…does not dominate people’s lives.

There is an Obsession in the Body of Christ today about the ministry of the Apostle and Prophet.
Across the world today… many Christian people are fascinated and fixated about these two callings more than the other ministries. There are others who question if these ministries exist at all in our day. Some even go the extreme to imply…these two callings…the Apostle and the Prophet are the most important ministries in the body of Christ with governing powers within the local churches.Well … I want to be pointed in what I am about to say…God does not reward OFFICES but God rewards FAITHFULNESS.

The governing powers in the local church rests on the Pastor. Apostles can exercise spiritual leadership on the churches they founded and established. The Apostle’s ministry embraces all other ministry gifts including the governmental powers of a pastor but is distinguished through his ability to establish churches. Love should be the motivation in our lives and callings.Apostles and other ministry offices should not dominate people’s lives. A true Apostolic ministry will not take men in bondage as well as churches.

…Eph 4:11-13 lists the five ministry offices and their purpose…which is to perfect or mature the saints for the work of ministry unto the building up of the body of Christ.
Paul went further to give us a clue how long Jesus gave these gifts. I want you to notice what verse 13 says specifically:

…”TILL we all come in the unity of the faith, and the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the fulness of Christ”.

I have some questions for you : Have we all come in the unity of the faith yet? …Have we All come to knowledge of the Son of God…unto a perfect man…unto the measure of the fulness of Christ?

I doubt that the Church has come to this point. For this reason …the gift of the Apostle and the other gifts are with us today.

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